25 September 2008

Celebrating Anniversaries

We've been celebratin' anniversaries lately. Here are the last two.

Zach suprised me for our sixth-month anniversary with all these candles, dinner and a pair of white sapphire earrings.

The shelf area almost looked like an altar.

Table for two.

We celebrated the third anniversary of our first date by redoing parts of it, including going to Color Me Mine and painting pottery. We decided on food and water bowls for our pup. Here's mine before it was glazed.

Zach's before. He was in charge of her food bowl and painted all her favorite things to eat or things she wishes she could eat, including birds and cats.

Studiously painting away.

Zach is growing his hair for a role and was growing a beard for it too. He has shaved since.

My inscription.

Zach knows who is boss.



Sophie enjoying eating lunch out of her new bowls.

Obama and Lights

Zach and I drove by the SLC Obama headquarters and snagged a couple Obama signs for our yard. We stuck one in my parents yard to get a reaction and then snapped a couple of these cool light shots from inside our Element.

Emma's First Visit

Chris and Lydia brought Emma to our house for her first time. Here are a few snaps I got of her.

Spoiled Sophie

We love our dog, and in turn we spoil her with affection and attention. Here are some recent pics of the spoiled pup.

I came home from work one day and she was laying like this. She barely lifted her to say hello.

I love how she just looks right into the camera. So bold, not apologizing at all for her laziness.

Extreme close-up.

We finished painting our shed over the weekend. Sophie kept rubbing against it.

Our mutt.


My favorite time of the day is when Sophie will let me hold her. It doesn't happen very often so I have to revel in the few short moments I get.

24 September 2008

The Lake House

My 'rents have been house hunting on Table Rock Lake for nearly a decade. They finally found something they couldn't pass up. They bought a little (and I mean tiny) lake house on Campbell Point. You can see the lake from both sides of the house and the backyard goes right down to the water. The area is amazing, the water beautiful and the marina rocks. Can't wait to spend many, many summers there.

And they finally did!

The proud owners (as of Oct. 17, they haven't closed yet!)

The backyard.

Lots of afternoons will be spent on that deck. The view is mesmerizing.


These flowers are so interesting. They are called 'Naked Ladies' and I am sure you can imagine all the jokes we made about Normie buying a house with a backyard of naked ladies.

More of the nudies.

Among the naked ladies.

Zach pretends not to look at the naked ladies.

Kicking it in the lake front backyard.

More Heaven On Earth

Here are a few more pictures of heaven on earth, aka Table Rock Lake. They aren't in any particular order, but I hope you enjoy all the same.

The clan. Our group was quite small this year, but I think we all still had fun. Can't wait for next year when more of us will be together.

The best amusement park on either side of the Mississippi!

Canadian geese flock to the resort, just watch out where you're walking!

More resort residents.

These deer were like the size of a large lab. Sophie would love to play with one.

The Altenhof Inn. Yummy German food and amazing view.

Normie warming up the skis. Diane skiied for a short ride, but I don't know that we took pictures. She ended up choking on water and freaking out and that was the end of that.

Z-Dawg riding it up.

Check out that concentration.

Gearing up.

Grinding that wake.

Bobbing heads. We could spend all day in the water.

Zach cliff jumping. Check out me behind a group of camp girls. They all wanted to hold hands and jump at the same time. Imagine the limbs flailing when everyone hit the water!

These ducks dug Normie's boat. They wanted a ride.

The ever-stoic Norman.

Did you just hear a banjo?

Who wouldn't love it here?

Darling Diane.

The best way to ride on the boat.

Zach agrees.

Zach and his umpteenth cheeseburger.

Wheee.... Our last night on the lake.

We visited my grandparents in Kansas on our way home. We celebrated my grandma's birthday with brunch at the Prarie Dunes Golf Course.

Gotta love Kansas and all its antiques.

A beautiful sunflower at my grandma's.

My grandpa's tomatoes. They were the largest tomato plants I have ever seen!