22 April 2010

Random shiz.

I went back west for a friend's wedding and to hang with the fam. Here are some random snaps from that trip.

Snow on the plains. Looks like a b/w photo, but it was really just the snow. I love the way the fields look from that high up.

Rae's wedding (BTW-that's Sam, her husband. All 6 ft. 7 in. of him!)

Passing on the tradition.

Emma avoiding her stranger aunt.

E-man took this shot with my iphone. Love it!

Mit kinder.

Hangin' on State Street.

Emmy's got good taste. White convertible bimmer.

Zach wishes. We raided Chris' work (BMW) on our way to In-n-Out.

Brooke and I checked out the tulip fields in Oregon.

No, Brooke isn't that small. It's just the shoes that are huge.

My favorite west coast pups.

Astro-Brooke. The benefit of bringing your camera is having access to all the photos.

Soph's new raincoat for wet PA days.

Before I left for Utah, we took Soph for a hike to the top of Mount Nittany.

FINALLY...an update.

The fam descended on Washington DC for a weekend of 'bonding.'

Washington Cathedral on a rainy day (hence the rolled hem).

A view from the top.

Stained glass.


And more Soph.

White dog, white house.

Chris and Lyds.

We spent a lot of time goofing around in the hotel room.

Apparently Chris has a hole in his lip.

JAZZ HANDS! Love the 'caught' look on Diane's face (with a cookie, of course!)

Comparing bellies.

Looks like Diane's hair is going to take flight...