17 July 2008

Zachary Scott

Zach is currently performing in a play called 'Captain Bree and Her Lady Pirates' through Youth Theatre and the U. I saw it for a second time yesterday. Here are a few 'non-flash photography' shots I took from the audience. The performance runs through Saturday evening and will reprise in November.

Kate, Abby and Grandma waiting for the show to start. Every time Zach went off stage Abby would ask 'Where's Zach?'

Opening number.

Yo ho!

Looking off the starboard side.

Being informed the crew has jumped ship at the first sight of the lady pirates.

Captain Jennings protects his ship from scurvy pirates.

Captain Bree and Captain Jennings duke it out.

Pirate captive.

Being threaten by Captain Bree.

Ethan, post show, doing his best pirate pose.

Four months of bliss...

Zach surprised me with a picnic in the park for our four-month anniversary. He didn't forget anything! It was awesome!

Warming up the grill.

Super-prepared Zach even premade the hamburgers and individually wrapped them.

The spread.


Glowing in the setting sun.

Big bite.


The aftermath.

Water Dog

Sophie has turned into a real water dog. I took her to Pineview twice last week and she loved it. She was a little slow to warm up to the water, but if allowed, would play fetch in the water all day! Riding in the bow on the boat wasn't too bad either.

Stealing a ride in the captain's chair.

Glamor shot.



Ethan throwing the stick for Sophie.

Swimming in.

Fourth of July

This post is a little late coming, but here it is anyway. We spent the fourth of July in Star Valley at my parents' cabin. There wasn't enough room in the inn, so Zach and I were relegated to sleep on the lawn in a tent we got as a wedding gift. It turned out really great!

The sunshines on Star Valley.

Swift Creek.

At the top.

Lydia puts her fears behind her.

A wicked goosing!

Mama Bear protecting her little one from teenage boys.

After the Jackson Hole fireworks show.

Flash envy.

The kids love Zach.