02 December 2009

Thanksgiving in New Hampshire.

We headed to New Hampshire to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and family.

On the way to get groceries, we stopped by an alpaca farm and were given the tour.

A kiss from Cooper.

Look how untrusting Lizzie is.

They're wondering why he's wearing lambs wool.

We took the girls out in the forest to gather nature to make a centerpiece. The girls really liked the crook in this tree and wanted their picture taken.

Sophie LOVED running free in the forest.

Sarah was a trooper. She walked most the way and carried a bag full of pinecones.

Our beautiful centerpiece. A few hours later a worm crawled out and everything was thrown out.

Cape Neddick. Sophie's first trip to the ocean.

Anna loves the ocean.

Nubble Lighthouse.

Our last day. The girls dressed up just to send us off. Ha!

We got Sophie some special dog treats in NH. I got this last one out to give Sophie and spoted that somebody else had had a nibble first (Sarah). I had to laugh. Sorry Kari.


We (or more like I) decided to foster a couple pups until they could find permanent homes. It was a LOT more work than I expected and harder than I thought to give them away, but they were so cute!

Our first night.


Exploring the backyard.

They loved sitting on these blue chairs.

Learning from their older sister.

Wiggly Petutee.

My buddy Buster.

Petunia and Buster.

Buster laying down after a nap.

Fall Foliage.

Zach arranged for us to drive to see the fall leaves and have a picnic of cheese, pears, bread and bubbly.

We took the Rattlesnake tour.

Excited to get out of town, if only briefly.

Our picnic place (and the last of the sun.)

Life in PA.

Random shots from our life.

Sophie took to digging in the backyard.

My 29th. And yes, that is a leopard print Snuggie!

For safety reasons, Zach only put nine candles on the tart.

Zach had an assignment to perform as a rockstar. He chose Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.


(L-R) Steven Tyler, Diana Ross, Prince, Andre 3000, Janis Joplin, AC/DC, Courtney Love, Annie Lennox, Marilyn Manson (missing Rick James).

Check out those lips.

We went trick-or-treating with some friends from school. Their daughter Maddie is cursing Zach for scaring her.

Visit from Kari and Fam

Kari and her family came to visit us over Labor Day weekend. All these photos are taken by eight-year-old Anna.

Zinnias we got at the farmers market.


The picnic aftermath.


Uncle Zach.

In the dressing room.