27 May 2009

Butterflies and Sinking Boats

We headed into Branson yesterday to participate in a couple touristy activities. Our first stop was The Butterfly Palace.

Zach was excited to have a butterfly land on his hat.

This was our favorite butterfly. It is called the Apollo. These ones are just hatching.

The butterflies were freaking me out because they are shifty like birds.

This pretty blue butterfly wouldn't land long enough for us to get shot.

The palace was full of orchids. This one was my favorite. I call it the inkspot.

Cockroaches...Zach's favorite.

We headed next to The Titanic musuem. No cameras are allowed inside, so this is all you get.

Inside the exhibit there was a tub of 28 degree water (same temperature as when the Titanic went down). We challenged each other to see who could keep two fingers in the longest. I lasted nearly 30 seconds and Zach made it a full minute. He was rubbing his fingers to get them warm for several minutes afterward.

Zach goes native

We dropped a couple things off at the local thrift store and while there picked out a shirt for Zach to feel more like a local when working in the yard. I ripped off the sleeves and viola! Instant native!

25 May 2009

Splunking at Silver Dollar City

We toured Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City the other day.

This is the hole we had to climb down into to get into the cathedral room. Just kidding, we walked down about 600 steps, but that was how original splunkers would begin their exploration.

In the cave.

Zach spent so much time hunched over in the cave he turned into a caveman.

Zach says I look like a meerkat in this shot. We'd been underground so long my eyes weren't ready for the flash!

We took a cooking class at SDC too. This is our photo of post-class elation. Needless to say it wasn't the most exciting hour spent at the park.

Life on Bluff Lane

Life here in Missouri is pretty nice.

We get to enjoy this sunset every night.

Sophie enjoys riding in the boat...

...and jumping off the back.

This is how Sophie gets her daily exercise, among a couple walks and romps in the yard.

Zach found this earthworm while cleaning up leaves. We threw in the pen so people could see the true size of this small snake-sized worm. Eww...

Garbage day. People just burn their garbage out here. Zach was like a little kid at scout camp.

Zach has the tough job of yard boy. Look at that view.

I learned to make pie crusts. What you don't see is that I spilled about a half a cup of flour down my side, onto my pants and all over the floor while I was rolling out the crust.

We made fajittas the other day and I thought the peppers and onions looked so gorgeous.

Thorncrown Chapel

We headed to Arkansas for the day for my parents to meet with an architect. On the way back home we stopped by Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs. It was amazing.

My 'rents at the chapel.

Chloe Impersonator.

Mother's Day

We spent Mother's Day on the road to Missouri. Sophie and Zach got me a couple knitting books.


Zach and Chris both had graduation ceremonies earlier this month at the University of Utah. Luckily we made it to both. Here are a few snaps from the day.

The proud graduates. Zach earned a degree in Theatre Studies (acting emphasis) and German last December. Chris will finish his degree in International Studies (European studies emphasis) and German this summer.

Waiting for Chris' name to be called.

The crew.

Zach and his 'rents.