08 November 2011

Alas, Africa!

Zach had the opportunity to participate in the National Arts Festival in South Africa this summer and since my goal was to travel to Africa by the time I was 30, I had to go along. Here is a random spattering of photos in random order from our trip. We were lucky enough to go on two safaris and spend a beautiful day in Cape Town.

License plate of our safari vehicle.

White lion and cub.

Our safari.

At the lodge.

Zach, Reggie and Erik at the lodge for lunch.

The only primate we saw (besides each other).

Another giraffe.

Can't remember what this is.

When I was a young warthog...

HUGE hippos. Don't mess with these guys.

White lion watching over his pride lands.

Mama white lion with her new cubs.

Zebra. Some had scratch marks on their rears from close calls with the lions.

Getting ready to safari.

Our companion vehicle.


Downtown Grahamstown.

Andy and Zach in the Hamlet adaptation 'Revenge of a King.'

More Grahamstown.

A jackal (I think) getting scraps from a kudu. Circle of life...

Elephant. We didn't see any one our first safari despite how hard our guide tried, so I screamed with excitement when we finally saw this one so close up!


Library for the Blind. They had huge braille dots on the outside of the building.

Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Cape Town Marketplace.

Zach having his first oyster. He liked it.

Finally real food! Pizza in Cape Town.

Kudu. The guys ate kudu burgers and loved them. Ew.

Our last day we went to the beach. It was beautiful!

Zach conquering the rocks.

Gondola to top of Table Mountain.

Last lunch in Africa.

Reggie and Zach congratulating each other for taking the plunge.


This feels like a movie moment.

Favorite beach activity.

06 November 2011

A year (plus) in review.

How does one catch up on an entire year of one's life? With pictures. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving at the lake with Sophie's BFF (and only friend) Max.

I knit my first sweater ever. And gave it to my mom.

We spend Christmas Eve squishing our feet into ice skates and eating Japanese food.

For as athletic and sure of himself as Zach is, he was totally unsure on skates.

Sophie celebrates Christmas with the world's largest rawhide crook. It was gone within a few weeks.

Zach plays a drunk and a terrible husband in Beaux Stratgem.

Zach goes crazy at Pittsburgh's famous Primanti Brothers. Yep, that's cole slaw and fries on his sandwich.

Andrea goes crazy at the Homer Laughlin Fiestaware factory.

We brave a March blizzard to drive four hours to spend the day in 87 degree weather at an indoor waterpark.

We finally make it to this local Man vs. Food hamburger joint.

Zach taps into his emotional side while playing a social worker in 'The Boys Next Door.'

Easter dinner with our good friends Erik and Maddog.

Zach and I spend a life-changing week together in Toronto, and have no pictures to show for it.

We stopped by Hutchinson, Kansas to visit the grandparents on our mega trek west. Three women, four girls and a dog in one van. We made it though!

Headed to SLC for a hike and a much-missed gyro.

Not sure what's happening here, but we're at Erika's graduation.

These two thought our 30+ year old BMW was the coolest.

Abby took this picture from the backseat. I think the composition is great.

My parents sold their house of 26 years.

I took the girls to Lagoon.

Erik and I soak our feet in the Trafalgar Square fountain during at 80+ degree London heatwave!