03 February 2009

Cum Laude

Zach finished school in December and received his diploma in the mail when we got home from NYC. Cum Laude, baby!


After leaving Yale, we headed to Manhattan for more auditions and a little sight-seeing.

Washington Square Park, just before Zach's audition with NYU.

The only show we saw was Chicago. It was pretty good.

We headed to the New York Public Library. It was pretty cool. The reading rooms were amazing.

Zach in front of the NY Public Library.

Grand Central Station. The ceiling was really cool with astrology images on it.

St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Zach's shot of me at St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Rockefeller Center.

Another creative shot by Zach.

Zach was craving a cheeseburger (big surprise, huh?) so we ate at the Stardust Diner, complete with 50s decor and singing wait staff.

Central Park.

Strawberry Fields in Central Park. Yoko Ono created this tribute to John Lennon.


Wall Street and Trinity Church.

Brooklyn from Manhattan.

02 February 2009


Zach and I traveled to Yale (New Haven, CT) last weekend for Zach to audition for Yale's MFA in Acting program. My sister and her family drove down from New Hampshire to spend the day with us. Here are some highlights from the day.

With the girls at Yale.

After walking around for a while, we were all frozen and headed to Barnes and Noble to warm up with some hot chocolate.

Anna sporting her cocoa-iest face.

After Zach's audition, we headed back to Kari's hotel and played with stickers. I gave the girls my entire sticker collection.

What do you do with three little girls on a cold Saturday afternoon? Go to Chuck E. Cheese's.

Gracie loved her drink so much she kept hugging it and wouldn't let it go.

Anna loved this game. We kept pumping her tokens to play over and over.

Zach and Liz playing an airplane game.

After we used up all 100 coins (it really does take a long time) we spent our tickets to get the girls pirate eye patches, among other items.

Zach telling the girls a bedtime story.

Gracie goofing off.